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The Elevator Bay waterfront site that was once touted for a massive $160 million condominium and marina project is in danger of being sold by the city for unpaid property taxes.

Elevator Bay Development Inc. accumulated $803,000 in tax arrears over the past five years for its undeveloped pier at 1102-1110 King Street West, according to city officials.

However, councillors are willing to give the owner one more chance to pay up. They've agreed to hold off on a tax sale of the property until May 30, 2013.

EMC Kingston Article here:

Despite many on the nay-sayers that seem to abound in Kingston, I believe this is a very good project, and most likely would succeed. I know that site well as I fished/mischiefed  at the Grain Elevator as a kid, and I was involved in the sale of the Townhouses by a previous developer (or lack thereof, it was tough times for Real Estate) in early 1990-1991.

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Utilities Kingston has received several calls from concerned residents who have been approached by door-to-door sales people who are falsely representing themselves as being associated with Utilities Kingston in an attempt to rent water heaters.

All Utilities Kingston employees carry identification and customers are encouraged to ask to see it.

Utilities Kingston does not promote its products door-to-door and has not authorized this company to remove their water heaters from homes. These individuals do not represent and are in no way associated with Utilities Kingston.

Customers are reminded to always carefully review all the facts of any offer made by a company, especially before signing a contract. Utilities Kingston is always willing to assist with questions related to its water heater rental program at 613-546-0000.
July 24, 2012 - The average sale price for residential properties in Kingston and the
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
surrounding area has risen by 16 per cent between January 1, 2008 and January 1, 2012, according to the first report on residential sale price trends published by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

The average sale price for residential properties in Ontario has risen by 17 per cent during the same time.

NOTE: The blogging of this article should in NO WAY indicate that I agree with anything or anyone at MPAC. I personally think their assessments are inaccurate, and they are incompetent. But that's a blog post for another day. I suggest you Google fight MPAC Assessment and see what comes up.

The full report is here:

Councillors decided last night, in less than seven minutes, to move ahead with a public meeting to discuss the opening of a privatized casino in Kingston.

This is how the process will unfold in the weeks ahead:

• the public meeting will be held in Memorial Hall on Aug. 8;

• the information from the meeting will confirm whether or not Kingstonians support a casino within its city limits; and

• if they do, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation will receive enquiries from private gaming facility operators.

Kingston Whig Standard article here:

The city council casino debate ended abruptly in the early hours of Wednesday morning with the mayor and one city councillor yelling allegations at one another.

Tuesday's meeting will be resumed Thursday night in the city council chambers at 7 p.m. and start off with the casino issue.

Looks like this is going to an interesting debate... Read all the gory details in this Kingston Whig Standard article:

This question will be answered by the process of a motion coming before city council on Tuesday, July 17/2012. If that motion passes, city staff will be directed to hold a public meeting to gauge public response and acquire public input on the matter.

Kingston Whig Standard article here:

Seems like a long shot to me. We should have had it in the first place, but the politics at the time....

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Spring 2012

  • Kingston's existing home sales will moderate in the next two years to levels that are considered more sustainable and in line with historical norms
  • Kingston's existing home average price to increase by 3.4 per cent in 2012 and 2.0 per cent in 2013. This growth rate is less than the average seen in prerecession years, as the number of new-listings outpaces the number of sales. 
  • At 715 units in 2012 and 670 units in 2013, Kingston's total housing starts are expected to fall gradually to a level consistent with changes in household formation. Rising mortgage carrying costs and reduced spill-over demand from the existing home market will dampen residential construction activity 

The full report is available on-line here (pdf):