Elevator Bay project stalled, city demands $803,000 in unpaid taxes

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The Elevator Bay waterfront site that was once touted for a massive $160 million condominium and marina project is in danger of being sold by the city for unpaid property taxes.

Elevator Bay Development Inc. accumulated $803,000 in tax arrears over the past five years for its undeveloped pier at 1102-1110 King Street West, according to city officials.

However, councillors are willing to give the owner one more chance to pay up. They've agreed to hold off on a tax sale of the property until May 30, 2013.

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Despite many on the nay-sayers that seem to abound in Kingston, I believe this is a very good project, and most likely would succeed. I know that site well as I fished/mischiefed  at the Grain Elevator as a kid, and I was involved in the sale of the Townhouses by a previous developer (or lack thereof, it was tough times for Real Estate) in early 1990-1991.

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